We've a very strict refund policy - if the received product doesn't meet your expectations then you'll have to connect with our customer support within 24hrs of receiving the product. Any requests after 24Hrs will be scrutinized thoroughly and legitimate reasons will be

This refund policy is applicable only if the product is shipped back to us within 20 days.

This facility is available only through and not through our stores in India.

Under this policy, return the product with its original bill/product certificate. Loss of the original product certificate/Invoice would result in either making the product return ineligible or with reduced price.

Return Procedure:

The following steps need to be followed while returning a product to us for Refund, Exchange or Buyback,

Contact our customer care team and inform the details of the item you wish to return to us along with the Order no. and collect a Return Authorization Code.
We shall send you the packing guidelines to return the product. Please call our customer care team and we will guide you how to send the package back to us Pack the Jewellery strictly according to the packing guidelines along with the original packing materials and certificate in a tamper proof packet. Note that once the packet is sealed, it should not be opened. It is also advised to note down the courier airway bill number for future reference. Once the returned product is received by Thekkekara Silver Jewellery and after successful completion of the quality check, your refund/Exchange will be made within 20 working days.

If the product is purchased using Gift Card/Digital gift vouchers, the value will be refunded to the same card/Digital voucher.